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Welcome to the Hindu Association of Northwest Arkansas. Our goal as an organization is to serve the religious, cultural, social, charitable, and spiritual needs of Hindus in our community.

NWA Hindu Temple - June Month Celebrations

HANWA is organizing the below events at our Temple in the month of June.

· Pradosham - 2nd June Thursday
· Ekadashi - 15th June Wednesday
· Full moon - 19th June Sunday
· Sankatahara chaturdhi - 23rd June Thursday
· Monthly Shiva Abhishekam. Monthly/Annual sponsorship $31/$301.
. Monthly Krishna Abhishekam. Monthly/ Annual sponsorship $31/$301.
. Satyanaraya Pooja. Monthly/Annual $51/$501 sponsorship.

Please contact BOD@NWAHINDUTEMPLE.ORG for sponsoring or use this website to sponsor.

We are reaching out to every one of you for having a strong financial foundation for our temple for the many years to come leaving our next generation with a place to cherish our spiritual greatness, culture, values and traditions.

Also if you are a resident in Northwest Arkansas please Sign up with yours as well as your family details and not as Guest so that you can track your transactions with HANWA and also can have fast checkout for Pooja's (Poojas) and Havan's.(Havans).

Easy Payment Options are available to make a contribution :
      Check (To- HANWA)
      Credit/Debit cards
      Pay Pal on our web site
HANWA is a NON PROFIT (501C-3) organization and donations to HANWA have Tax Benefits.

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News & Events
~ Pradosham 2nd June, Thursday

~ Ekadashi 15th June, Wednesday

~ Full Moon 19th June, Sunday

~ Sankatahara chaturdhi 23rd June, Thursday

Temple Hours

Monday 7AM to 9AM & 6PM to 8:30PM
Tuesday 7AM to 9AM & 6PM to 8:30PM
Wednesday 6PM to 8:30PM
Thursday 7AM to 9AM & 6PM to 8:30PM
Friday 7AM to 9AM & 6PM to 8:30PM
Saturday 10AM to 1PM & 5PM to 8:30PM
Sunday 10AM to 1PM & 5PM to 8:30PM

Vishnu Sahasarnama every Saturday at 5:30PM
Shirdi Sai Aarti and Bhajans every Thursday at 7:00PM
Satya Narayana Pooja on Full Moon days at 6:30PM

Priest's Days off in June.
1st June Wednesday
11th June Saturday
14th June Tuesday
24,25,26th Priestji will be out of town for a conference.
27th June Monday
28th June Tuesday
Note : On Priest's off days, temple will be closed in morning session, but will be open in the evening.

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